Short pink&yellow&cyan

Short pink&yellow&cyan

LC Stretch vest, short version

Code: H 1454
Category: Lure coursing sets

Well fitting stretch vest are made from elasthan. The short cut fits perfectly on the body of running dog and it does not move from his shoulders. The abdominal part is open and it makes the vest very comfortable for running.

We offer wide range of sizes for sigthounds and for other breeds. The sizes are derived from sighthound breeds: Sizes XS for italian greyhounds, sizes S for whippets, sizes M for pharaohs, salukies, sloughies e.t.c., sizes L for greyhounds, deerhounds e.t.c., sizes XL for irisch wolfhounds.

Schemes in the photogallery of the product show the difference between classical and short versions of vests and also the real dimensions of vests in various sizes.


Produced by SOFA Dog Wear PRODUCTION s.r.o., Czech Republic.

Fibre: 80% Polyamid, 20% Elastan (lycra), 190g/m.

Do not use fabric conditioner! Do not tumble dry or dry in sunlight. Do not iron print.

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