Ken Thermo - Limited edition!

Ken Thermo - Limited edition!

Comeback of the favourite shape in functional version

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Practical and comfortable shape in functional version, made from thermo knitwear.  It can be used as a jumper as well as a warm underwear.  The material is very pleasant to touch, it´s antibakterial and the it has very good thermo qualities.

Well-fitting cut suit will be especially appreciated by sporty dogs, but thanks to its sleek lines it will appeal also to those who enjoy their style.

This Jumper is designed specially for dogs with high tail carriage

How to choose the right size?

See the table in the gallery of the product. The "A" (RED) is the backlength of the dog. It´s measured from the shoulders to the point before the beginning of the tail. Don´t measure the neck, don´t measure the tail! The "B", "C", ... (BLUE) describe the real measurments of the suit (not of the dog!).

Measure the backlength and choose the corresponding size. Then control the other meausurmentas, if their will fit to the body of your dog.

Don´t forget to check the pictures: you will see how the suit should fit on the dogs body and also for which type of dogs it is addressed and what type of body and tail the dogs on pictures have.

It is possible that this coat won´t fit to your dog!

The sizes are derived from sighthound breeds: S sizes are for whippets whippets (S2 std. female, S3 std. male). M for sloughies, salukies etc., L for Greyhounds, Borzois etc.

Read more about sizes...



Produced by SOFA Dog Wear PRODUCTION, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Prolen fiber antibacterial: cotton / PES / POP

Do not tumble dry or dry in sunlight.Don´t iron. 

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