Polar Proof 300 ml

Polar Proof 300 ml

Impregnating agent for all fleece materials

Code: U 0107
Category: Maintenance

Impregnating agent for fleece, wool and synthetic fibers. Increases water resistance and restores the breathability of materials. Easy to use in the washing machine or in the hand.

Nikwax Polar Proof has been specially designed and optimized for fleece garments. It leaves a flexible waterproof finish on the individual fibers, which allows evaporating moisture to escape, maintains breathability and optimizes wet performance. In addition, it prevents lint-like fleece fabrics, thus extending the life of the equipment.

The product is easy and fast to use in the washing machine and ensures the treatment of the entire garment. Excellent treatment is created when drying in air. There is no need to dry clothes in the dryer, which saves energy.


For best results, first clean your garment with Nikwax® TechWash® detergent in a separate wash cycle. You do not need to dry the garment before applying the impregnation. Shake well before use. Follow the instructions (symbols) on the care information label.

Application in the washing machine:
1. Remove all detergent deposits from the detergent dispenser.
2. Place the cleaned clothes in the washing machine (maximum 3 pieces of clothing).
3. Use 1 full cap (50ml) for 1 piece of clothing and 2 full caps (100ml) for 2 to 3 pieces of clothing.
4. Wash according to the instructions on the garment.

Manual application (use gloves):
1. Immerse clean clothes in a container or sink with 6 liters of lukewarm water.
2. Use 1 full cap (50ml) for 1 to 2 garments.
3. Rinse, soak for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly again.
4. Rinse in cold water until the water is completely clean.

Dry according to the instructions on the care information label.

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