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SOFA Dog Wear


owner: Johannes Kropf


Cooling dog jacket
Old price: from 71.49 EUR
53.61 EUR


Cooling dog jacket
Old price: from 71.49 EUR
53.61 EUR

SDW COOLing Towel

Cooling towel (not only) for dogs 43x65cm
Old price: from 4.42 EUR
3.76 EUR
SOFA Dog Wear - idea and history

Who are we?


The idea of a dog wear production came 2008. Development of first models was shielded by the company SOF.Architekti, s.r.o.


In 2009 the SOF.Anubis, s.r.o. was written to the Company Register and became the bearer of the mark Anubis.


The company passed through some internal changes in the beginning of 2011. Accordingly to these changes, the name of the company was changed to SOFA Dog Wear, s.r.o. and the brand name was changed analogously to SOFA Dog Wear. The offer of the mark is beeing extended to fulfil demands of all breeds, specially medium and large breeds. This evolution is still proceeding.



„We dress dogs“


Tha mark Anubis had used this motto: „Dogs on vogue. Outdoor, luxury and daily wear.“ Production of dogwear with this characteristic has became the self-evident.


The inceasing evolvement and widening of our collection, together with succesfull completing unusual orders for sport, medici or other purpose - that was the reasons for using „We dress dogs“ as the accurate motto of our contemporary activities of SOFA Dog Wear company.


SOFA Dog Wear
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Czech republic
+420 734 493 214
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