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Luxury winter jacket with a cap
Old price: from 62.6 EUR
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Leisure collection
Leisure collection

For ride, for sleeping in the tent or in the cottage, also for walks in cold days – variety of use of sweatshirts and vests from SOFA Dog Wear Leisure Collection is really wide. Light and flexible materials together with the shape of clothes allo

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Warm and comfortable fleece sweatshirt

Perfectly formed fit and soft fleece fabric - thanks to these qualities, the sweetshirt "Marty" is the basic of your dog´s wardrobe. For all kinds of acivities. Your dog won´t lose this swaetshirt in the forest.

29.27 EUR


Warm and comfortable fleece west

Perfectly fitting shape and soft fleece material. Suitable for all kinds of activities all year round.

26.02 EUR

Hachico HOME

Fleece sports jacket

Sport fleece jacket designed for active dogs. Simple and comfortable to put on without any fastening. It can be used alone or in the combination as an underwear. ...

15.45 EUR


Dogs bathrobe made from high quality terry cotton

Dogs bathrobe helps to dry your dog easily and comfortably. It will be appreciated by you and also by your dog after a bath, after a walk in wet weather or after a water physioteraphy. ...

30.08 EUR

Marty MINI

Warm and comfortable fleece sweatshirt for IG and other small breeds

Perfectly fitting shape and soft fleece material. Suitable for all kinds of activities all year round.

24.39 EUR

Manuel SOFT

Comfortable sweatshirt for Italian greyhounds and also for other breeds

Simply and smart sweatshirt, perfect for autumn days. Very comfortable for dogs and also for those who dress them. Sporty look.

19.51 EUR


Overalls from light fleece

Comfortable multi-purpose suit not only for Italian Greyhounds. It covers the entire body and allows freedom of movement. You can use it for walks, traveling in the car as well as pyjamas. Available in 4 colors. ...

32.93 EUR


Simple jumpsuit from fine stretch fleece

Comfortable multi-purpose suit for small breeds. It covers the entire body while allowing for freedom of movement. The suit can be used for walks, in the car, even as pyjamas. Available in attractive colors. ...

30.08 EUR


Overalls from cotton stretch terry

Lightweight cotton suit designed especially for Italian Greyhounds. It is suitable for domestic use as a lightweight pyjamas, as well as light suit for walks in mildly cold days. It covers the entire body and allows free movement. ...

32.11 EUR


Comfortable cotton terry bathrobe

What do you use to dry your dog after bath? Forget the always falling towels, use our bathrobe! Our model Caesar is made from 100% cotton double sided terry cloth, with the high ability to absorb water.

76.83 EUR


Fleece turtleneck in elegant shape

Fleece turtleneck protects ears, neck and front chest in frosty days. The shape was developed to be combined with winter jackets and winter coats. Stretch rubber band in two different parts.

11.79 EUR


Fleece turtleneck with a bib

Practical and stylish fleece supplement composed of a turtleneck and a bib - covering of the belly. Ideal for combination with all kinds of plaids, raincoats etc.  Velcro closure at the waist. ...

19.51 EUR

Kevin 03

Practical and comfortable shirt from stretch fleece, new version

Two layers of fine stretch fleece ensure adequate thermal comfort your pet. Outfit perfectly serve as underwear as a light sweatshirt. ...

22.36 EUR

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